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American Horror Story: Freak Show | New Trailer


fuck yes!

Not that I have anything against her at all, but if you’re really about to make her the main protagonist/hero AGAIN I may give up.

She is. Again.

Ryan Murphy, everyone.

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I’m in the mood to cuddle and make out with all of you.

Just FYI.

I’m going to ignore my feelings concerning the Freak Show trailer and just remind people that Korra is this weekend, and that’s awesome.

Also, new Gotham and Sleepy Hollow!

BTW, there was this incredibly cute moment at work yesterday when I saw this dudebro come into the store with his wife and kid. Now, mind you, in my store we got a LOT of bros, and typically they’re incredibly annoying.

He and I were talking about Dragon Age and other games. When his son got really excited about the pink Peach Wii controller and wanted to buy it, the mother insisted that they not get it, wanting him to get the nice blue or green one. 

His dad looked over and asked him if he wanted the controller or a new game. The kid insisted he wanted the Peach controller more than anything. So, he got it for him without question.

While ringing them out, the mom was all like “Couldn’t you have gotten him a less girly colour? People are going to make fun of him.”

Dudebro pretty much responded with the perfect answer: “If they’re willing to give him shit just for liking girly things, then I’m willing to drop kick anyone who does.”

And my day was made.

Is there anyone with good knowledge of language who could explain to me the key differences between an Australian and New Zealand accent?

Just curious, since it’s sometimes have a hard time telling them apart, and would like to not make that mistake anymore.

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How the world sees America.

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Quite possible the greatest tweet ever written. 

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